The Planetary Union

Welcome to the website of the Planetary Union.

The space is designed to give an amazing vision of our planet : Earth.
She is beautiful, enrobed in blue, white and green…
She is unique!
The Human Being, live together with numerous other species, sharing Her surface.

Humanity constructed itself for a never-ending presence here, by self-directed illuminated thought which has placed, time and time again, the Human Being, behind the protection of artificial frontiers and walls, and under the maternal protection of the Biosphere.
However, in an environment experiencing momentous change, one notes that the political organisation of our ageing societies adapt with difficulty, lacking a clear vision or a willingness to share. Peace is rapidly descending into chaos.

The fundamental of the origins of the Human Being are being dangerously menaced by a system which has become dogmatic : the economic market.
Faced with a globalised market, we are now witnessing declining representative political power, which leads, after a period of acclimatization, to the surrender of ethical concerns.
In fact, the condition of the Human Being is in danger of being imprisoned and, paradoxically, divided by the frontiers of heavily-armed nations, which fight to exploit the Earth’s natural resources.
Defined warzones develop. Ferocious combat extends dramatically onto new battlefields. It’s now become normal to extend these Human killing fields.
Cruelty and indifference make their return, because diplomacy and international politics cannot find a solution.  The interests of individuals and groups, both small and large, barricade themselves in, and arm themselves.  Now, more than ever, the basic survival of people is surpassed by competitiveness, submission or confrontation.

However, since the start of the 21st century, we once again have the opportunity to choose another path, those of us who unite to work out a political way forward for the Planetary Society.
The time has come to sign up to an historic, magnificient and ambitious program : the Planetary Union. Once again in an even more realistic utopia, a democratic planet is possible.
The Planetary Union lets us create a political structure, which includes the role of our planet Earth and its core.
This movement exists outside of traditional, political divides. It opens the door to a new world, a new era.  It demonstrates for hope and a better life together, by guaranteeing the future rights and lives of the coming generations.
The Planetary Union encompasses the entire global surface.  It will become a place to exchange views and provides an open space for the never-ending rediscovery of a new equilibrium.

From this soil a new Planetary Thought will be born and develop. Together, we will elaborate, reinforce, diffuse and share our thoughts and views.
This could be specifically expressed across the barriers of languages, by the already existent and universal language of: Espéranto.
This is why the practice and teaching of this language will be encouraged.
Its general use is resolutely orientated towards the future participation and enrichment of human relations, pacifying and rebalancing them.
Yes, the time has come to methodically build and collectively put together a political platform designated to and worthy of its name.
The Planetary Union, is a pluricultural movement. Its architecture focuses around the « Planetary Charter » as well as innovative and « Fundamental Principles » which guarantees that life on Earth will be respected and protected in every country.
Together we will build this new structure.
With the participation of each and everyone of us, this political movement will be put in place, step by step.

Because individual engagement does not involve money, each reflection or idea put forward or implemented is voluntarily, the result of patience and time.
This movement will gather momentum and organisation too, because we are numerous, so as to act upon and influence positively, and peacefully, upon the destiny of the human race.
This website will be a democratic tool with which to communicate and exchange advice, information or to meet to help push the democratic tool forward.
People will be able to meet within nations to collect, share, spread and determine common objectives.
People can take part on an individual and/or group level, according to their availability and their means.
Day after day, as international, dramatical events happen, Global/Planetary Thought will be spread passionately, because it carries a message of hope, which will be shared among a great number of people.
There is no time like today, to establish the Planetary Union…as it will become the reference of tomorrow.
It is the Future of our Future Generations !
This site is the reference point for people and peoples of the Planet.
In this virtual place of participative democracy, each individual who joins, can express themselves directly; or through local, regional or national representatives of the Planetary Union ; or through organisations which sympathise – such as associations, federations, ONG, organisations, bodies, institutions, etc.
Websites will be linked, according to demand, to strengthen and reinforce solidarity, and the principles of working together.

Registration to the website of the Planetary Union is FREE.
It will provide a dynamic force for everyone to become involved in, while quantifying it.
It validates your acceptance of the Planetary Charter, and to its Fundamental Principles.
As a Planetary Citizen, you make a commitment to respect others faithfully.
It allows you to easily share information and ideas and facilitates the promotion of values and aspirations with other Citizens of the Planets.
As everyone is aware of the shared aims of the movement, you can proactively take part in, and be an active participant in the growth of this movement.

Encouragement of altruistic public-spiritedness is the major driving force of the Planetary Union.
This will be brought about by global citizens who work in a structured and effective way through reflection and necessary action, in order to secure the future of the Human Being.
This can be acquired through knowledge and experience, from the point of view of personal, social or professional fulfilment.
This collective action will bring about actions – individual, voluntary and responsible, which will take place according to the individual and physical capability of each person, with strict accordance to the « Planetary Charter ».

After inscription, it will be possible for you to participate, more actively, in the dynamic structure of the movement by joining, or creating official representation of the Planetary Union in your country, region or locality.
Whatever your background, age or culture, you are welcome at this door, which leads to the future – to hope, humanism, mixed relations and peace.

Welcome to everyone!