The Planetary Charter

A short-term view of the world economy will inevitably lead to increasing destruction of the environment, causing grave imbalance which will compromise life on earth and condemn future generations to survival in the face of irreversible damage of the environment, including climate change, which has already begun.

Earth with its biological and mineral resources, is the life source for the human race.
Because Humans are facing this major risk right now, the Planetary Union aims to :

  • facilitate and encourage individuals and groups to take direct responsibility in the face of the gravity of the situation.
  • structure and unite global citizens to protect the planet, by implementing intuitive and rational policies and management – without causing shortages or destruction, and taking into account the available resources of the biosphere.
  • control equal sharing of resources and to insure, without discrimination, the comfort and the well being of every population.
  • participate in the implementation of a public, global currency, where all countries are democratically represented, without the right to veto.
  • respond to ecological and social emergencies globally and to propose a minimum and fair global salary/wage.
  • define, create, adopt and apply, at every level and in every area, rules as well as laws – necessary for the establishment of a new, socially just, balanced, fair, united, brotherly economic and social order.
  • educate society, to increase the freedoms of individual citizens within the community, enabling them to take voluntary responsibility in current and future democratic institutions;
  • introduce a shared, equal and mixed power management structure, always taking a long-term vision.
  • encourage and put in place a political and global policy of multicultural and multiethnic peace by adopting a basic universal language for the long term, Esperanto.
  • encourage and inform citizens.